Savage Mojo Lich Queen and Geek Movies with Loki

Savage Mojo Lich Queen

Tonight, Loki from joined us and we talked Geek Movies, Savage Mojo Lich Queen, Rise of Set and all things Suzerain!  What a great time to hear about some old classics from the gang, and some REALLY old classics from Loki (Just kidding…. not really).

Loki also gave us some insight in to what is coming up and when the new Palace of the Lich Queen might be released.  As the final part (3) in a series of epic proportions, the Lich Queen wrap up, which started with Tomb of the Lich Queen and continued with Machine of the Lich Queen, is set to be one of the greatest dungeons ever created and can go right along side anything from the newer generation of dungeons but can find itself compared even to some of the immortal TSR classics.



 What is this Savage Mojo Lich Queen you talk about?

From the SavageMojo website “When the young mage Ayrawn’s heart was corrupted, she slew her friends and created an island realm in the Maelstrom with their souls. Trapping the angel Anat deep under the island, as the Lich Queen she feeds on the essence of any hero who dares enter her killer dungeon. Sharpen your sword and be that hero with the Lich Queen books.

This does not even begin to describe the exact epic nature of this adventure/setting.  Separated into three parts, Savage Mojo Lich Queen is quite the delve into the recesses of imagination, innovation and sheer terror.  It comes highly recommended.  You can find more info at:



Time notes:

0:00  to 0:02 Classic Intro

0:02 to 0:11 Kick-off the movie discussion with Loki and the gang

0:11 to 0:24 Talk about SavageMojo and their upcoming releases

0:24 to  0:40 Back to movies and some really old stuff from the 50s! (Wow! That’s old!)

0:40 to 0:42 Quick discussion about more SavageMojo stuff

0:42 to 0:55 Finish up on movies and thank you to Loki

1:00 to 1:04 Our new segment called “Parlay”

1:04 to 1:13 Latest Gaming News

1:13 to 1:20 Wrap up on Conquest Avalon

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  • Enty  says:

    hah cant wait to be killed playing this adventure should I turn in my character sheet now or later? 😉

  • Multidimensional Mayhem - Planejammer Chronicles  says:

    […] significant detail on the project (and to listen to me run off at the mouth about genre movies) give it a listen here. They also described the series in a way that just made my […]

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