BattleBards play “You know who you remind me of?”



We all love to “think” we would be certain characters from Star Trek or Star Wars, but isn’t the real question who your friends think you’d be?  Or better yet, having your friends tell you “You know who you remind me of?”  Well Alex and Mike from BattleBards joined the geeks tonight and played that very game.  The stein of salty tears will be filled, and feelings will be trampled.  From naming DM as Grand Moff Tarkin to calling TrunkMonkey a “tribble” from Star Trek, this was a no holds barred episode of hilarity.

The geeks get a unique opportunity to try BattleBards premium audio first hand.  By stepping through a mini-adventure with Alex from BB as the DM!  This live play scenario gives the guys a chance to experience and sample just a little taste of what BatteBards has to offer.  You get to hear some exclusive tracks as well!

What is BattleBards?

BattleBards is the delivery of premium audio content into your table top role playing experience.  After their super successful KickStarter campaign, the BattleBards crew is hard at work building the console and sourcing the talent that will bring this product to your game.

For a limited time, you can visit their website and lock in special discounts, and other cool stuff in during their “Pre-launch” phase.  This will all happen very quickly, so don’t wait around.  From extra in-store credit to be able to get in on some of the KickStarter exclusives, it really is a good value in our opinion.  With base pricing coming in as low as $.20 cents per track and just $1 for an entire musical score is a great price point to allow you to get a ton of audio to get you started.  Soundpacks and other offerings will soon be available offering all the more for your money.

You can always learn more about BattleBards by checking out this awesome YouTube video or by visiting them at