Gigahoes Season 2 with Kevin Gilligan

The Kickstarter campaign is officially underway for the hilarious comedy web series Gigahoes Season 2!  This “documentary” has been a benchmark favorite on Geekline415.  Futhermore the crew had a chance to sit down with writer, director and co-creator of the show Kevin Gilligan!  As a result everyone got a chance to talk about those submissive and or “bottom” characters from TV and Movies.

For those that may not yet be familiar with Gigahoes, this web series is a fun look at the possible future of dating.  As described on their website: “Gigahoes is a mockumentary web series about the escort agency, Artificial Intercourse, as they try to deal with the changing business landscape as new, better, and cheaper sex-bots are released...

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Matt Willig,Costas Mandylor & Paul Logan: The Horde Movie 2016

It’s our 100th episode!  And what a better way to celebrate then with 3 of the coolest actors on the scene today and all of us talking about that moment when a character in a movie knows he f-ed with the wrong person and the Horde Movie 2016 is full of just those kinds of moments.

The Horde Movie 2016

Matt Willig former professional football player and Superbowl winner turned actor, seen in the new movie Concussion and many other great films including this one.  Paul Logan, the writer, co-producer, actor and soon to be big budget action star along with the guy who waxes poetic with the even keel of a pure psychotic, actor Costas Mandylor all join us for a very raucous night.

These guys came at us and each other hard, with no mercy, and while we probably haven’t met our match, they gave it right back and s...

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Zack Ward talks Restoration & just comeuppance

Ever since we first saw McFly punch out Biff in Back to the Future we really have looked forward to characters in film, tv, comics and all kinds of stories getting exactly what is coming to them.  Who better to have this kind of discussion with than Zack Ward?  He’s been in movies such as Transformers, Resident Evil, and a famous role where his character gets his own just comeuppance in A Christmas Story when Ralphie knocks the hell out of Zack Ward ‘s character Scut Farkus.

Zack Ward

Zack Ward is an unapologetic, absolutely tell it like it is kind of guy.  He is brutally honest, and a straight out geek-man if one ever existed.  Zack fits in with the brotherly brutality that is the Geekline415 crew perfectly...

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Blood Rush & those bad situations in movies & tv

Have you ever seen one of those movies where the characters find themselves in a totally messed up situation?  Well Blood Rush A.K.A. Flipped, is one of those movies!  The geeks had the chance to talk to writer and director Harris Demel about his new movie and some of those situations throughout entertainment that our beloved characters discover are just a complete disaster.

Blood Rush

Not to be confused with a plot twist, Blood Rush puts the main characters into the bad situation immediately and it just deteriorates.  The whole movie is just one bad situation.  Characters have often, in film, tv, comics etc, had to fight their way out tough spots, but what if all you could do is hang there…. upside down???  Yeah, that is completely F-ed.

Blood Rush A.K.A. Flipped?

We noticed the same thing...

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Howard Scott Warshaw & pivotal moments in tech

We recently had the distinct honor and pleasure to talk to Howard Scott Warshaw, the Atari MVP credited with making 3 out of the top 10 selling Atari 2600 games of all time. Mr. Warshaw joined us to talk “pivotal moments” in tech. Having seen the tech revolution from the inside, through the decades, we could not have thought of anyone better that Howard.

Howard Scott Warshaw

Ok, so who IS Howard Scott Warshaw?

Howard Scott Warshaw is the man who quite literally saved the video game industry as we know it.  D.I.C.E., do we have your attention?

If you are not a gamer you might not know who Howard Scott Warshaw is. Now, known as “The Silicon Valley Therapist”, Mr. Warshaw has the more dubious distinction of being known as the man who wrote the worst video game of all time, E.T...

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Alienated & toxic relationships w/ Brian Ackley

Tonight the geeks were joined by writer and director Brian Ackley to discuss his new movie, Alienated. We’ve all had those relationships in life that were just toxic so almost anyone can relate to this film. The on screen portrayal that many immediately think of course is Fatal Attraction. The acrid relationship in that movie can best be summed up by Glen Close’s infamous line “I’m not going to be ignored,Dan.”


Brian gives us a look in to his new movie, Alienated, and the toxic relationship brewing within. Billed as a drama/thriller, Alienated really delivered a hear-wrenching look into a relationship that is going bad.  The cast of George Katt, Jen Burry, and Taylor Negron, leave us with a sense that there is more to come from the movie but it never gets there...

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Miles Doleac, The Hollow, The Historain & History

We’ve all had the opportunity to see one of these movies that portrays itself as a film based or steeped in historical bona-fides.  But are they as accurate as one would hope, or expect?  Tonight the geeks were joined by Professor, Director, Actor, and Producer Miles Doleac and we’re discussing his current works, one of our recent favorites: The Historian and one of his upcoming films: The Hollow.

Miles Doleac

Who really IS Miles Doleac?

With his unique perspective, as an actor peering into and living in academia, and an academic  doing the same with acting, Miles Doleac engages film in a different way.  The geeks got a taste of that perspective through Miles’ work, but tonight got a chance to understand some of his thoughts and views as they end up shown in his films.

During our discussions Miles...

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Nightmare Code and Tech characters w/ Mark Netter

Remember those tech movies where the character was just weak sauce?  Like Neo from the Matrix or just about the every character from the movie Hackers?  Or maybe a character that was overbearing and frightful, like HAL from 2001.  Well, thankfully Nightmare Code falls in to the later of those two categories.

Nightmare Code

The geeks were joined by Mark Netter, director and co-writer of Nightmare Code.  Nightmare Code has one of those characters, ROPER, that is in our opinion more frightening than HAL, quite possibly because it is a bit closer to the reality we already live in.

What is Nightmare Code?

Nightmare Code

Nightmare Code is the winner of the Philip K Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival.  Nightmare Code is suspense thriller about a behavior “modification” system...

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William Sadler, The Hollow & Establishment Bad Guys

Have you ever noticed that when a bad guy is actually part of the government, the police, or “the establishment”  they seem much more nefarious?  No one plays that role better than William Sadler.  Mr. Sadler’s early breakout roles as Colonel Stewart in Die Hard 2 or Senator Trent in Hard to Kill brought us the “government” style bad guys.  His role as Sloan in Deep Space 9 brought us the darker side of the ever “peaceful and righteous” Federation. As Valerian Hadley in Miles Doleac’s The Historian, William brings us the bad guy of academia.

William Sadler

In Doleac’s newest movie, The Hollow (2016),  William Sadler brings us Sheriff Beau McKinney, and without giving away too many spoilers, we’ll let you guess the role Sadler takes on...

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Star Leaf: Drugs & consequences w/ Richard Cranor

We’ve all seen those movies that have a memorable “drug” scene in them.  Whether it be Return of the Living Dead (Trioxin), the epinephrine scene from Pulp Fiction, or the entire series of Cheech and Chong movies, drugs have played an integral role in movies and tonight the geeks got a chance to talk to Richard Cranor, the writer and director of Star Leaf, exactly about those kinds of scenes.

star leaf

What is this Star Leaf flick?

To hear DM tell it, Star Leaf is a movie about the evils of breaking the rules, however we tend to think of Star Leaf more like a Cheech and Chong meets E.T. meets Predator.

A small group of friends heads off “to the wild” in search of the mystical Star Leaf, chasing the high that is associated with this extra-planetary plant...

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