William Sadler, The Hollow & Establishment Bad Guys

Have you ever noticed that when a bad guy is actually part of the government, the police, or “the establishment”  they seem much more nefarious?  No one plays that role better than William Sadler.  Mr. Sadler’s early breakout roles as Colonel Stewart in Die Hard 2 or Senator Trent in Hard to Kill brought us the “government” style bad guys.  His role as Sloan in Deep Space 9 brought us the darker side of the ever “peaceful and righteous” Federation. As Valerian Hadley in Miles Doleac’s The Historian, William brings us the bad guy of academia.

William Sadler

In Doleac’s newest movie, The Hollow (2016),  William Sadler brings us Sheriff Beau McKinney, and without giving away too many spoilers, we’ll let you guess the role Sadler takes on.  William Sadler has established himself as Hollywood’s most quintessential bad guy of the establishment.

Tonight the geeks were joined by William Sadler and had a chance to round-table with the man himself about the many times he’s played the role of establishment’s bad dude.

The Hollow and The Historian starring William Sadler?

The Hollow (2016) and The Historian (2014) are the first two films by Director, Writer, Actor and Producer, Miles Doleac.  In both movies, William Sadler plays (surprise!) a bad guy of the establishment.

In the Historian, we are told the story of Valerian Hadley.  A middle-aged department head at a small private university somewhere in the south, Hadley’s world is crumbling.  Hadley struggles with his father’s Alzheimer’s.  A new professor has come to town to be the big man on campus.  Couple all this with Hadley’s inability to get his new works published and the professors life is just unraveling.  His dry and bland personality meshed with the fact he is a DICK certainly makes him the bad guy in the film.

We also finally get some words about Miles’ new movie The Hollow.  Mr. Sadler gives us some teasers about what we can expect from the new movie.  A government official’s daughter is caught up and killed in a triple homicide.  When the FBI is sent in to investigate they run up against the local sheriff.  Small town politics in Mississippi and the story hearken back to Mississippi Burning.  We are really looking forward to this one!

You can find The Historian on your favorite VOD platform right now.  You can read all about it here on IMDB.

Check out the teaser for The Historian right here:

The Hollow will be released in 2016 and we will be sure to follow it!

William Sadler