Alienated & toxic relationships w/ Brian Ackley

Tonight the geeks were joined by writer and director Brian Ackley to discuss his new movie, Alienated. We’ve all had those relationships in life that were just toxic so almost anyone can relate to this film. The on screen portrayal that many immediately think of course is Fatal Attraction. The acrid relationship in that movie can best be summed up by Glen Close’s infamous line “I’m not going to be ignored,Dan.”


Brian gives us a look in to his new movie, Alienated, and the toxic relationship brewing within. Billed as a drama/thriller, Alienated really delivered a hear-wrenching look into a relationship that is going bad.  The cast of George Katt, Jen Burry, and Taylor Negron, leave us with a sense that there is more to come from the movie but it never gets there.  This is just how things are in life, much like the geeks just didn’t have enough time to explore all the deep facets of the movie in just an hour!

Alienated has won many awards, not the least of which is Best Ensemble Cast at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival awards.


Was Alienated Taylor Negron’s last movie?

Alienated ended up to be the movie the immortal Taylor Negron would do before succumbing to liver cancer.  Taylor delivers a flawless performance as one would expect.  Brian talks with the geeks about what it was like to work with Taylor and even discusses the final scene they worked on together which would end up to be Taylor’s last on the big screen.

More than once in the movie you hear that calm, quiet, Taylor Negron voice in the movie as almost prophetic in its wisdom, guiding our main character Nate in the right direction.  Taylor left us with a great final performance, and Brain reminisces what it was like to work with him in those final days.

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