PacificonGameExpo! Two days down, two to go

With two days in the books so far at PacificonGameExpo 2014, I think the Geeks have been pleasantly surprised at a lot of things.  The turn-out has been brisk and we are getting a lot of attention with our awesome purely geek-built booth.  We have been giving away T-shirts and stickers and the community has been very supportive and engaged with us, even coming up with a few great ideas for future shows (Thanks Jeff!).

We have really had a great time mingling with our fans old and new so far and we’re looking forward to two more days!

We have gotten a few requests to port the podcasts over to iTunes so we’ll do that when we get back so you can join with us even easier right from your Apple device.



When will you be talking about PacificonGameExpo on the air?

With so much content to go through and so many new games to play and try out, I think it is going to take several weeks to get through all of it.

We want to be sure to give a fair shake to all the wonderful vendors and game producers and independent studios that have asked us to review their games, so we will play each one over the coming weeks and give them the air time they deserve.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the fun, but we have gotten a chance to see all kinds of games from “Trick” taking card games, to “Chit” games to full on RPGs and lots of war games.  Wizards of the Coast ran a full bracket of D&D 5th edition games for FREE and all games were sold out before the convention even began.  Some of the more generous DMs agreed to even run extra games to satisfy the pent up demand. Overall it’s been a great con so far and we are looking forward to the next two days.

Join us on Tuesday when we discuss PacificonGameExpo

Join us live Tuesday night by browsing right over to our Listen Page by Clicking Here and scrolling down to the “Listen Live” section then catch us from 8:00-10:00PM PST discussing some of the happenings at PacificonGameExpo and get some teasers on what we have coming up for the gaming geek in you in future shows!

One comment to PacificonGameExpo! Two days down, two to go

  • Abdullah P  says:

    Great experience meeting you guys at the show, Really enjoyed your scavenger hunt type card game which got me a free T-shirt!!! Cant wait to see you guys again!!!

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