New Salem by Overworld Games funds on Kickstarter


As heard on one of our most recent broadcasts during an interview with Overworld games, they have a  new game coming out called New Salem.  This game just blew threw all of its funding goals on Kickstarter including both of its stretch goals!  With $19,492 funded out of an original goal of $13,000 it was not even close which is exactly how it should have been!  With 630 backers in total and this bodes well for the game.  There is a lot of interest and we can not wait to get our hands on ours!  GeekLine415 offers a full and hearty congratulations to Overworld games and we wish them continued success!

Listen to our interview with Overworld games about New Salem

Visit our page about Overworld games and take a listen to our interview with Brian and Clayton all about their games:

The creators of Good Cop, Bad Cop and wonderfully fun, fast paced, and delightful hidden identity game have created what looks to be another hit with New Salem.  From their Kickstarter page:

“This project is officially successful! Everyone will soon get to hunt down those Witches, give Hope to their fellow Puritans, and clear the Despair out of New Salem. The two of us are extremely grateful for everyone’s help in making this happen and of course to Andrea for his incredible artistic vision that will bring the town to life.

If you missed out on the campaign, you can pre-order New Salem at or you can wait for it to hit your friendly local game store. If you are a distributor or retailer or anyone else that has any questions about the game, use the Contact Me button to send us a message. Happy hunting!”

Head over to their page to their Kickstarter page to find out all about New Salem and what it has in store for you:

New Salem

or you can always visit their website at:

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  • JTKirk  says:

    Congrats to overworld! Cant wait to get my copy

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