Overworld Games Interview, Pacificon & more!

The geeks took on the task of playing and reviewing some games from Overworld Games and in particular their game Good Cop, Bad Cop. With their new Kick-starter available we’re hoping to show you how great their games are so you can pop over to Kick-Starter and help them. The prices are reasonable and their new game called “New Salem” looks really fun with a lot of intrigue, great artwork, and terrific game mechanics.

Listen to the PodCast and you can find Overworld Games by clicking below:

Overworld Games


Besides Overworld Games, what else did you talk about?

With Pacificon 2014 in the books, we have to say we had a great time overall. We met a lot of interesting people, some great vendors and some great game designers. We have so many games to review and people to thank it will take us quite a while.

First and foremost we have to thank the crew that built us this monstrosity:

Pacificon Booth

To all the hands that went in to it from TrunkMonkey and TinKnocker erecting the backdrop, to Nino providing the excellent poster and art work, it was an amazing effort overall and the GeekLine415 booth was by far the best looking and most impressive booth in the entire thing.


We also would like to shout out to the great vendor management at the con by Aldo.  It couldn’t have been done with him.

The great artists, gamers, game designers and game distributors were all fantastic.

Stevo from ArsVictor, thank you for showing us a how to crush our enemies in just one hour!!  We look forward to doing a review on your game.

To the entire Doom Crew, we have a lot more to talk about and a lot more geekness to come I think, we are really glad to have met you!


Be sure to listen for our upcoming items that we are going to review on all of the Three Sages Games! and hopefully we will get them on the show soon to talk to them about some up and coming new products!


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5 comments to Overworld Games Interview, Pacificon & more!

  • Spoonie G Ride  says:

    Game Sounds cool, I wanna be a bad cop and bust caps

  • Jeff Nelson  says:

    Spoonie omg, I’m gonna put you on blast and be the good cop!

  • JTKirk  says:

    Great show guys, am now a backer and looking forward to the new game.

  • Alison  says:

    I am backing the game great find

  • New Salem by OverworldGames funds on Kickstarter  says:

    […] Visit our page about Overworld games and take a listen to our interview with Brian and Clayton all about their games:  http://www.geekline415.com/pacificon-overworld-games/ […]

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