Savage Mojo ‘s Loki brings the painful Geek Quiz

Savage Mojo

Never tell a seasoned Game Master to “bring it” because he or she will do exactly that.  George “Loki” Williams from Savage Mojo certainly brought the pain unto the geeks tonight with his own Geek Test.  We think everyone failed miserably.  With 35 questions total, no one got more than 12 of them right not including bonus questions.  While the test was brutal, we did get a great look at what’s coming up from Savage Mojo and some other great RPGs!

What is “Coming Soon” from Savage Mojo?

With more due out from Savage Mojo, the question often comes up (ok not really): What year and for what title did Savage Mojo garner themselves a Silver ENnie?  Pffft… we all know it was 2012 for Shanghai Vampocalypse! Duh!  In all seriousness, you’ll have to listen to the show to find out what Savage Mojo is up to, we can’t give it ALL away.

On top of Savage Mojo’s releases Loki has put in his work on The Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Elons for Pathfinder!  That’s right, Psionics!  Available right now on RPGNow from Jon Brazer Enterprises.  With six new feats (can never have too many) and five Elan-themed psionic powers, and a whole lot more, this is sure to find it’s way right in to our next psionics campaign.

What else could there be?  Well, remember SpellJammer from back in the TSR days?  Remember the look and feel?  Well, Loki let us know that they are working on StarFinder (remember that one?) for Pathfinder.  Using the open source PFSRD, they have just begun the design phase of what is sure to be a chance to bring that space faring vessel feel into the Pathfinder rule set.


All of us GeekLine415 are asking everyone to please send good vibes to Jim Ward of TSR fame as he gets over some health related issues.  Jim is the TSR immortal, and creator of the world’s first Sci-Fi RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha.  Gods speed on a fast recovery Jim!

You can find out more about Jim Ward here:

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