End Of The World RPG by Fantasy Flight!

End of the World RPG

Fantasy Flight Games this winter will be releasing their newest RPG series named “The End Of the World” which is a four part series based on various apocalypses to set a campaign in.The first book being released will be called Zombie Apocalypse, this supplement offers you five scenarios in which to build a basic campaign where you set in your own hometown or any city of your choosing and unleash the undead unto it!!

The characters you create in these campaigns are  totally up to your imagination, be it playing as yourself, or any other type of fictional persons. Once you decide on your character, you have to decide on possessions and a starting point which very well could be your own home and the contents inside of it!!!! The other three “The End Of The World” supplements being released in future dates have been slated to be based on topics such as Aliens, Gods And artificial intelligence (Hmmm…Wonder if this would work on a show??).

These Series of books sounds very intriguing, but me myself as a gamer, am wondering how much will be put upon a Game Master to create a campaign like this? I guess it would be pretty easy to just go on Google Maps and print out areas of whichever town you decide to run your game in, but something tells me it will be much more complicated than that. I will be definitely checking these books out myself, once again forking money over to Fantasy Flight Games who in my opinion, have released nothing but first class products in the past couple years.  Could it be that Fantasy Flight Games are the new Wizards of the Coast?  Hard to tell, but so far, their titles and library are top notch.  From finally getting a Star Wars game right, with Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and the soon to be released Force and Destiny, the End of the World game seems to fight right in with their ability to take concepts that have been tried before and get them done in the best, most flexible way possible, for all kinds of gamers.


If you want to read more about The End of the World RPG or any other Fantasy Flight Games check out their website and read up!!!!


3 comments to End Of The World RPG by Fantasy Flight!

  • Kris Martin  says:

    didn’t hear about this one until now kinda sounds neat but not sure how the game play will be if its too open hopefully they will not leave absolutely everything to the gm

    • JTKirk  says:

      FF probably did it right They went through a lot of play testing I hear

  • Spoonie G Ride  says:

    Hell yeah!! Put me inna 2pacalypse with my Tec-9, I’ll be blastin hella dead peeple, then kick back with a blunt in my crib

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