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Lair of the Lich King and Dick Moves - Geekline415

Lair of the Lich King and Dick Moves

lair of the lich king

Deep within a nondescript mountain lays the Lair of the Lich King.  The Dark Party delves deep to defeat the Lich and screw the Orcs out of their treasure!!!!!!  Now that’s a dick move.

Tonight the geeks are joined by Brandon Raasch, creator of Dubious Alliance.  Together the gang is talking about dick moves of all kinds.  Of course, there are a ton of moves in Brandon’s game Dubious Alliance that get mentioned but there are plenty of others to match!


What is Dubious Alliance and Lair of the Lich King?

Are you bent on revenge?  What about creating those immortality granting salty tears that you can catch in your stein?  Then Dubious Alliance and the Lair of the Lich King are for you.

From Brandon’s description: “The first edition of Dubious Alliance features an adventure centered on surviving a Colossal Dragon. The funding campaign is now open to launch a new Adventure Path. Shuffle out your Dragon cards and shuffle in The Lair of the Lich King.”

“In this new adventure, A Band of Orcs will attempt to do what the Humans, Elves and Dwarves all failed to do; loot the Lair of the Lich King! Players will scour the land in search of adventure and the Lich King’s treasures to prove their prestige. However, the ancient lord still haunts the realm. The Lich King brings with him a horde of undead monsters, deadly magics and a new game mechanic certain to frighten the most powerful hero, the Level Drain attack.”

“New magic, monsters, locations, treasures and more will ensure that this new set of game cards offers a new, exciting adventure. Kickstarter funding will be used to purchase more Lair of the Lich King art, add more game cards and meet the costs of 2015 game production and shipping.”


Thank you to Rachael Torres (https://twitter.com/R_Torr) for this gem:


2 comments to Lair of the Lich King and Dick Moves

  • Jeff Thimaz  says:

    Hah great show gotta do this topic again

  • Wayne  says:

    this episode is giving me some great ideas

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