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Ether Wars and RTS games with the creators! - Geekline415

Ether Wars and RTS games with the creators!

Ether Wars

Remember those great real time strategy games like StarCraft and Warcraft?  Tonight the guys are joined by Alvaro and Javier of Ether Wars and the gang is talking all about RTS games and their impact and influence.

Many of us played games you wouldn’t even think of as RTS games.  Stratego, Risk, and other board games of this type are pretty much RTS games.  This is one of the first things we noticed about Ether Wars.  It is the return of the RTS board game.  With the plethora of board games we look at, we can’t possibly play them all.  Overall, we think Ether Wars is one that will fit right onto our table next to games like Cosmic Encounter and other greats.

Alvaro and Javier hail all the way from Spain, home of another great game, Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG by Burning Games.

What is Ether Wars?

From their Kickstarter campaign “Ether Wars is a sci-fi and fantasy board game that dives into an epic conflict between races in a vast universe, with dynamic strategies and abstract gaming that mixes cards, probability (dice… pretty customized dice), and resource management.

Change tactics on a moments notice in order to acquire the precious resources of Etheria. Be prepared… outwit your friends in crucial decisions and become the most powerful species in the universe!

Now there are a few things that struck us immediately with the description.  Primarily, outwitting your friends.  Any game that you is designed for you to outwit your friends could be a winner in our book.  In fact, if it doesn’t start with that basic premise, we won’t even review it!

Secondly, what game with 51 dice isn’t completely awesome?  Using the dice as a marker for your army is brilliant.  You know those dice will end up down the street, in the microwave, or chewed on if TK gets hold of them.  What a perfect way to take out anger on one another than having a side game of “Dice Wars” during the middle of Ether Wars?

As backers ourselves, we encourage you to check out the Ether Wars Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/etherdev/ether-wars-a-new-dice-based-rts-boardgame

You can also visit the Ether Wars website in English at http://en.etherwars.es


Ether Wars

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