Celesticon 2015 countdown with Kris Miller


Celesticon is just around the corner and we are counting down the days!  Tonight the geeks are joined by Kris Miller, producer of Celesticon.  The gang is talking about fantasy fiction of all kind.  Some of which, you might run into at the con!

Geekline415 is very proud to be a sponsor of Celesticon and we are honored that Kris took us on.  We will have a booth and be joining in on the festivities, so please stop by.

Some of the guests include Sandy Peterson.  Yes, that Sandy Peterson, from Call of Cthulhu.  Also, Jeff Dee of TSR fame and now Tekumel.  Manada, of Pocket Universe will be there.  Dana Lombardy will also be running his War College!  There will also be many more so don’t forget to check out the list.

What is Celesticon?

Celesticon is the premiere family friendly gaming convention in the Bay Area on Labor Day Weekend.  With an awesome special guest list, a ton of board games, RPGs, card games, and war games to play, there will be fun for everyone.  There is a young gamers room as well as a teen room so the entire family can game in a safe, inclusive environment.

Here are just some of the games that will be there to try out:

Dubious Alliance (by Brandon Raash), a Geekline415 favorite.

The WINNER of the KublaCon best game award, Vikings of Dragonia, by the Mach Brothers.  We have played this game, and if you stay tuned, we’ll let you know where you can pick it up.  We plan to make this a regular at our table once released.

A must play, Cutthroat Kingdom.  We won’t give away too much about this game since it is still prototyping but you HAVE to play this game.  The chance to do evil abounds!

There will of course be the RPG standards D&D, Pathfinder, et al.  A ton of role playing opportunities.

You can find more about Celesticon at their website: http://www.celesticon.com


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