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BattleBards and Name that Tune!


So the gang tried something really different tonight!  They decided to play the game Name that Tune joined by Alex Jarzebinski and Michael Adam from BattleBards!

You ever listen to something in the background, or the opening credits to a TV show and know immediately what it is?

Well, the gang squares up into teams and battles each other for the title!  With the typical antics from Team 2, constantly trying to simply screw over Team 1, a pretty typical gaming session breaks out, but wait, there’s more…

During the show, Alex from BattleBards runs the geeks through a dungeon scenari...

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Neon Sanctum, Adam Waite & Fight Characters

neon sanctum

Tonight the geeks were joined by Adam Waite, the creator of the new cyberpunk RPG called Neon Sanctum.  The gang talks all about fighting characters.  The ones you remember, and what they thought about them, but also maybe some of the ones you don’t remember.  Trunk Monkey wins the esoteric award with not one but TWO references to Thrill Kill.  He brings up Doctor Faustus and Cleetus.  We tried to forget the fact that Cleetus was a cannibal that would beat you to death with a human leg!

What is this Neon Sanctum RPG?

neon sanctum

The best way to describe Neon Sanctum is CyberPunk surreal in a post apocalypse haze...

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Doctor of the Dead & Zombies Zombie Zombies!

Doctor of the Dead

Can you imagine telling one of your friends: “I’m headed off to class”.  Your friend inevitably asks, “What class are you in right now?” and you say ” Doctor of the Dead ‘s class on Zombie Studies…”

While not only stoking jealousy in your friend, you might be actually learning a valuable social lesson, or two.  If you’re lucky maybe you won’t have to live through a zombie apocalypse, but if you take Dr. Blumberg’s maybe you might just survive one.  Serious courses don’t have to be dry and mundane and the geeks learn that tonight while talking with the Doc!

The geeks and the Doc talk all about what might happen in...

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Chris Williams, Summons & comic stories

chris williams

Comic books all have a special place in every geek’s heart.  Have you had just one of those moments when reading, browsing or thinking about a comic that has stuck with you throughout life?  Well tonight the geeks are joined by Chris Williams, the creator and author of the comic series Summons.  Chris and geeks are relaying their own personal stories about comics.

The gang also takes time to take dive into the mind of Chris Williams and discuss his series and what might be coming next!

Who is this Chris Williams and what is Summons?

To borrow from Chris’ bio: “Since childhood, Chris has always been interested...

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Beasties and Bygones plus Why isn’t this a movie?

beasties and bygones

Have you ever played a video game, read a book or a short story that you thought to yourself: Why isn’t this a movie?

Well we have often thought the exact same thing!  Tonight the geeks were joined by Javier Palenzuela of criticialhitmedia.com and they are talking about those games, TV shows and books that should be made into a movie.

Javier and his group at Critical Hit Media have come up with a new game: Beasties and Bygones.  A Raunchy Parody Role-playing game where almost nothing is off limits...

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Black Alpha and Tom Rasch join Geekline415

black alpha

Tonight, Tom Rasch, former Marvel artist, and all around great guy, gave the geeks a peek into his mind and what he has been saving up and churning over in his head for years and years.  The newly optioned Black Alpha.

A story in decades in the making, with a rich universe, mythos and dialog, Black Alpha is the beginning of a tail and string of adventures in the life of Tranden Antares (AKA Black Alpha)...

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Faith the Sci-fi RPG and Most Influential RPGs

Faith the sci-fi rpg

Joining the geeks tonight, all the way from Santander Spain (where the beaches are nicer than he rest of Spain we are told 😉 ), were Carlos and Helio, the creators of Faith The Sci-fi RPG from Burning Games.

As geeks, we all had certain RPGs, video games, table top, and all kinds, that influenced us.  Tonight the geeks take on the topic of Most Influential RPGs, at least as they see them and Carlos and Helio join in on the fun.

Everything from GURPs to World-of-Warcraft is on the table...

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Movie Preview Review and greatest adversaries

Greatest adversaries

Tonight, the geeks were joined by stand-up comedian, comic writer, and creator of Movie Preview Review, Kevin Bartini.  And tonight they are talking about greatest adversaries.  From movies, TV, comic books and even some from real life, the geeks rattles off some known favorites and a few obscure ones.

Remember Butch and the Sundance Kid vs the ENTIRE Mexican army (Well at least it seemed that way), or Spy vs Spy?  Great rivalries and adversaries make for compelling stories.  The geeks bring up all their favorites and Kevin joins the fray with some real hilarious zingers.

Some honorable mention adversaries not...

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Project Dreamscape w/ Sarah and Will Reed

Project Dreamscape

From love, to Lego, to Project Dreamscape and back again...

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DundraCon and Dubious Alliance

Dubious Alliance

What a great time all the geeks had at Dundracon.  We were running a full crew, all 8 people that it takes to make the show what it is were there, and partying commenced.  A big “THANK YOU” to the Dundracon staff and ownership for having a great DundraCon XXXIX.  While at Dundracon the geeks got a chance to meet Brandon Raasch the creator and driving force behind the fantasy card game “Dubious Alliance”.   Brandon joins in the on the topic and the geeks get to talk a lot about his game as well.

The geeks want to give a special shout out to Chad Martins who ran the dealers room and did a fantastic job...

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