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Ether Wars and RTS games with the creators!

Ether Wars

Remember those great real time strategy games like StarCraft and Warcraft?  Tonight the guys are joined by Alvaro and Javier of Ether Wars and the gang is talking all about RTS games and their impact and influence.

Many of us played games you wouldn’t even think of as RTS games.  Stratego, Risk, and other board games of this type are pretty much RTS games.  This is one of the first things we noticed about Ether Wars.  It is the return of the RTS board game.  With the plethora of board games we look at, we can’t possibly play them all...

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Dubious Alliance & the Lair of the Lich King


Tusk’s up!  We are the last days of the Dubious Alliance Lair of the Lich King KickStarter.  Joining the cast of Band of Orcs in the game is The Dark Party of characters including certain members of GeekLine415 and others!  With a new card revealed, new powers, new methods of game play and of course the Lich King himself, the new Dubious Alliance game is sure to create a great time around the table.

Take a moment to check it out on Kickstarter wouldn’t you?  WOULD-N-T YOU?!?!?!

One of the geek favorites around the table has to be Dubious Alli...

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Vikings of Dragonia & Battle Scenes

Vikings of Dragonia

Have you ever played a game, watched a movie, or read a book where there is just an epic battle scene?  Where you can’t wait for what happens next?  Tonight the geeks are talking with Albert and Ed Mach, 2/3rds of the Mach Brothers!  The Mach Brothers are the creators of the a new game on Kickstarter right now called The Vikings of Dragonia.  Together, the gang is talking about epic battle scenes that they remember from TV, movies, and all kinds of media.

Remember the scene from the 1995 movie Braveheart?  You know, the one with the word famous drunkard Mel Gibson where he rallies the troops to fight out one ...

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Post Replica w/ Anthony Ford and Protaganists

Post Replica

Tonight the creator of Post Replica, Anthony Ford, joins Geekline415 to talk Protagonists or Antagonists.  As we quickly find out, a protagonist or antagonist is really dependent on which side of the fence you fall.  Some of the greats of literature, TV and movies could fall on either side and the gang debates those middle grounds.

TK comes up with the zinger for the show: Judge Judy!

Well other than being a hugely horrible “judge”, she definitively falls on the antagonist side.

During the show we get to learn about Post Replica, the worlds first, Tablet Top RPG!  We are graced by some very personal stories from...

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Lair of the Lich King and Dick Moves

lair of the lich king

Deep within a nondescript mountain lays the Lair of the Lich King.  The Dark Party delves deep to defeat the Lich and screw the Orcs out of their treasure!!!!!!  Now that’s a dick move.

Tonight the geeks are joined by Brandon Raasch, creator of Dubious Alliance.  Together the gang is talking about dick moves of all kinds.  Of course, there are a ton of moves in Brandon’s game Dubious Alliance that get mentioned but there are plenty of others to match!

What is Dubious Alliance and Lair of the Lich King?

Are you bent on revenge?  What about creating those immortality granting salty tears that you can catch in...

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BattleBards Premium Audio & the Rematch

BattleBards Premium Audio

Ding ding!  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing in the red corner, Bald Bull!  Err… no.  Introducing the heavy weight Geekline415 Name that Tune champions of the world: Team 1!

Tonight on Geekline415 the guys from BattleBards Premium Audio for your TableTop re-joined us for the rematch of Name that Tune!  We had great feedback about the first round we couldn’t resist trying it again.

BattleBards KickStarter is about to close out.  There are only 5 precious days left!  We thought it would be a great time to have them back on to have some fun before the real work begins.

BattleBards also dropped some GREAT news ...

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Geek Test w/ Owen Stephens & Loki Williams

Geek Test POTLQ

When we talked to Loki from Savage Mojo about joining us for our yearly geek test, he mentioned he would love to have a geek friend of his join us, and of course, we were game.  Little did we know that the geek would a ringer!  Owen Stephens (for those of you who forgotten) is a developer for Paizo publishing.  But that isn’t all.  Owen is also the Freeport developer for Green Ronin as well as the owner and publisher of Rogue Genius Games.  That is a heck of a lot of RPG writer cred!

There are lot’s of exciting thing coming up from Rogue Genius games that Own goes over...

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PostHuman and the end of the world with Gordon & David


We’ve all wondered what would happen if the world ended?  We might have all “hoped” the world ends, or anarchy breaks out as TinKnocker mentions in the first 5 minutes.  There have been many movies, TV shows and books based around this very subject.

How the end draws nigh is what sets these stories apart.  Is it the zombie plague yet again?  Or is it something more nefarious.  Something slower, something we may not even notice...

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Starlight Tavern & Salvagers

starlight tavern

Tonight the geeks were joined by Bob Salley and Jason Sparich of Jasper’s Starlight Tavern!  The gang decided to talk about their takes on female heroines.  It would seem, there are either not enough, or too many “throw away” characters.  Apparently only Nixon can go to China.  While there can only be one Wonder Woman, the gang scratches their head as to “Why can’t the 4-armed girl in Jasper’s Starlight Tavern” open a damned jar?

Bob is running his latest Kickstarter for the final installment of The Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo.  The story takes place right after the third comic ends...

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BattleBards and Name that Tune!


So the gang tried something really different tonight!  They decided to play the game Name that Tune joined by Alex Jarzebinski and Michael Adam from BattleBards!

You ever listen to something in the background, or the opening credits to a TV show and know immediately what it is?

Well, the gang squares up into teams and battles each other for the title!  With the typical antics from Team 2, constantly trying to simply screw over Team 1, a pretty typical gaming session breaks out, but wait, there’s more…

During the show, Alex from BattleBards runs the geeks through a dungeon scenario of their very own!  With fantas...

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