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Sharknado Heart of Sharkness with Jared Cohn

Sharknado: Heart of Sharknessjaredcohn1

Ever wonder what REALLY happened with the original film for Sharkando?  Before it was suppressed by the studio?  Well now you can find out with the “Documentary” (Mockumentary) Sharknado Heart of Sharkness!

The geeks were joined by Jared Cohn who stars in the new flick from The Asylum.  Jared plays David Moore, the man who originally came up with “Sharks in a Tornado”...

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Sol: Last Days of a Star & great game story lines

sol: last days of a star

Ever had a game that the story line just hooks you?  This is exactly how we felt when we heard the concept behind Sol: Last Days of a Star as pitched to us by Ryan and Jodi of Elephant Laboratories.  The story, ironically dark, is that the sun of the solar system is dying.  In fact, the sun could go nova any minute, wiping out the races that inhabit the different planets in the system.  Your job is a last ditch effort to harvest the energy of the sun.  You will transmit the energy back to the “Arks” that will be shipping off the remains of your race to start anew elsewhere.

Essentially players race around the...

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Salvagers Conspiracy Theory


With great anticipation and some sadness, Volume 1 of the Salvagers series, Abandon Cargo, will come to a close.  The fourth and final installment is just a few short weeks away and we can’t wait to see what happens to Brigby….. oh, and the rest of the crew, and story, but mostly Brigby…. not really…. actually yes…. 😀

The good news is however, the Carlyle Group has given their consent for Bob to run his Indiegogo campaign for Jasper’s StarLight Tavern!  We talked about Jasper’s back in April and you can find that episode here.  You can find this campaign at https://www.indiegogo...

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Bethorm and CaveMaster with Jeff Dee & Talzhemir


Tonight the geeks were honored to be joined by Jeff Dee and Talzhemir, co-creators of the sci-fi fantasy RPG Bethorm, The Plane of Tekumel as well as the award winning CaveMaster!

Some of you know may know the name Jeff Dee from back in the TSR days of Dungeons and Dragons and his drawings in the staple book, Deities and Demigods.  Tonight the geeks got to talk to Jeff and Talzhemir about some of the gods and their places in the game, as well as some of the spirits and other pieces of their games CaveMaster and Bethorm.  Talzhemir as fans might remember is also know as Penumbra in the Ultima world...

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Suzerain and the multiverse with Miles Kantir


Remember the good ole TV shows like Sliders or Quantum Leap?  How in just an instant you could be transported from one universe to the next, but all of them being some how related?  That is the goodnees of the multiverse.  The geeks had a chance tonight to talk to Mile Kantir, the creator and super fan of the Suzerain continuum!

Video games like Assassin’s Creed have a bit of a multiverse feel to them when you look at the series...

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Roll Saga Baseball and Geek Sports with Jody Pike

Roll Saga Baseball

Have you ever noticed how some sports are more geek inclined than others?  Baseball is a geek’s dream with all the stats and science that can be done behind the scenes.  Tonight the geeks had the chance to talk (or argue) sports with Jody Pike, the creator of the game Roll Saga Baseball.

Games like Chess, a spelling bee, etc may or may not be sports (the geeks certainly argue that point) but how about a game like pool?  The professionals really work at their craft, and there certainly is a physical aspect to the game, although not as much as say tennis.

Baseball obviously takes a front and center role with both...

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BattleBards play “You know who you remind me of?”


We all love to “think” we would be certain characters from Star Trek or Star Wars, but isn’t the real question who your friends think you’d be?  Or better yet, having your friends tell you “You know who you remind me of?”  Well Alex and Mike from BattleBards joined the geeks tonight and played that very game.  The stein of salty tears will be filled, and feelings will be trampled.  From naming DM as Grand Moff Tarkin to calling TrunkMonkey a “tribble” from Star Trek, this was a no holds barred episode of hilarity.

The geeks get a unique opportunity to try BattleBards premium audio first hand...

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Savage Mojo ‘s Loki brings the painful Geek Quiz

Savage Mojo

Never tell a seasoned Game Master to “bring it” because he or she will do exactly that.  George “Loki” Williams from Savage Mojo certainly brought the pain unto the geeks tonight with his own Geek Test.  We think everyone failed miserably.  With 35 questions total, no one got more than 12 of them right not including bonus questions.  While the test was brutal, we did get a great look at what’s coming up from Savage Mojo and some other great RPGs!

What is “Coming Soon” from Savage Mojo?

With more due out from Savage Mojo, the question often comes up (ok not really): What year and for what title did Savage Mojo ...

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Sandy Petersen talks Cthulhu Wars and more!

Sandy Petersen

We’ve all played a Table Top RPG, or a video game, or watched a movie where we thought, “Gee, I didn’t see that coming!”.  Cthulhu was one of those tales that no matter how prepared you were, you could not see it coming.  What better person to talk surreal surprise than Sandy Petersen of Cthulhu Wars!

The geeks had the distinct honor of talking some Cthulhu with Sandy, as well as about some of his new games.  The real treat is Sandy will be showing off some of his new games, such as The Gods War, at Celestion!  Celesticon is coming up on labor day weekend here in the sunny Silicon Valley in California...

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Celesticon 2015 countdown with Kris Miller


Celesticon is just around the corner and we are counting down the days!  Tonight the geeks are joined by Kris Miller, producer of Celesticon.  The gang is talking about fantasy fiction of all kind.  Some of which, you might run into at the con!

Geekline415 is very proud to be a sponsor of Celesticon and we are honored that Kris took us on.  We will have a booth and be joining in on the festivities, so please stop by.

Some of the guests include Sandy Peterson.  Yes, that Sandy Peterson, from Call of Cthulhu.  Also, Jeff Dee of TSR fame and now Tekumel.  Manada, of Pocket Universe will be there...

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